Learning a new language: One hour a day for one year.

I am committed to learning a new language every year. You can read more about my commitment here.

Learn Version Control with Git by Fournova

Fournova, the makers of Tower, have released a complete (mostly free) series for people to learn Version Control with Git. I highly recommend you check it out.


Ghostly Vagrant & Ghost Skeleton

Last month I decided use Ghost on our travel site, [Destinationless](http://destinationless.com “Destinationless – Life is a journey, not a destination.”), and a couple weekends ago I finally made the move (you can read more of why here). Prior to the move I decided to create a Vagrant & skeleton for quickly spinning up Ghost sites (since none really existed).



If there is one drawback of programming, it’s that sitting for long periods of time take a negative toll on the body. This is why I force myself to stand up and stretch repeatedly (which everyone should do). In addition, I only sit at the…

Learning a New Langage

Learning a New Language

Let’s face it, learning something new is difficult. Especially something that is completely foreign (no pun intended). But like any investment in oneself, this investment will pay off in the end. Even if that only payoff is to communicate with my wife’s family.

Safari Responsive Extension

For those of you that may not know, I use Safari quite a bit. I am not here to proclaim that it is the best browser, but it is the one that I prefer because it connects my reading list, bookmarks, open windows, and more. However, it does lack a few features that make web development easier, including no way to easily resize the browser window for testing responsive websites (yeah, Firefox handles that very well).

Thankfully there is an awesome JavaScript library that enables an in-frame viewport resizer (you can get it here). There is even a WordPress plugin (Responsible) that adds the functionality to the admin bar, but I don’t work in WordPress all the time (or may not have access to install plugins on the project).

As such, I created an extension for Safari that enables using this awesome tool on any website. If you use Safari and need a viewport resizing tool (that does not resize the application window, ugh!), download Safari Responsive Extension and give it a try.