Reluctant regular expression for matching all characters, including newline.

Recently I was in need of a regular expression while searching though some code and I needed the ability to sift through all characters, including the newline character. While .*? will will match any character (reluctantly), it will not match new lines. By simply adding \n? to the expression, you can include the newline character in your match like so:


Goodbye Things, it’s time for a new focus: Omnifocus

Since my reset earlier this year I have been finding new ways to improve my productivity. One of these ways is tracking and managing my todos. Although previously an avid user of Things, the task management app which I have used for the last few years, I have been very insistent on switching applications because of the company’s slow iteration and improvements.

I had searched out many applications (Wunderlist, Trello, Reminders, Todoist) for the last 6-8 months and even tried and liked Omnifocus’s two week trial. However, after those two weeks, I was reluctant to pull the switch for two reasons:

  1. Cost. While it is difficult to put a price on productivity, shoveling out $140 for a set of applications which you cannot even try on iOS devices is a commitment.
  2. Change. Switching methods of productivity can prove daunting. Hell, changes in anything of ones life can be challenging; however, if that change can bring overall improvements, then change is good.

Thankfully, XWP recently gave out a technology allowance for us and I decided to use this to change my todo management application and switched fully to Omnifocus.

Now, after using Omnifocus for a few weeks, I regret not switching sooner. By comparison, Omnifocus is worlds ahead of Things. Even ignoring the UI, Omnifocus provides a much richer experiences for adding, organizing and managing todos.

If you are using Things, and irritated by the slow iteration and lack of features, I highly recommend switching to Omnifocus.


Make Mistakes.
Fall down.
Get back up.
Dust yourself off.
Find new beginnings.
Do not worry.
Keep moving forward.

This came to me today out of the blue and really touched my heart. When I read this, I think about my grandfather and the hardships he has been through, things he has learned and passed on to me. I am grateful to have such an amazing father figure in my life, especially right now.